Our Services

Digital Strategy & Execution

We work on establishing your brand in the market & making important connections to the right buyers and distribution groups.

As a one-stop-shop agency who handles promotions from start to finish with our platform partners, we work closely with both buying & merchandising teams to receive knowledge on key insights, exclusive opportunities, and often plan events ahead in advance.

Establishing a roadmap and digital strategy puts your brand ahead of the game in this fast growing landscape, and we’re prepared to help!

Sales Expansion

There’s so many opportunities available in our partner network to assist brands in expanding their sales distribution.

We evaluate your brand to determine where it’s sold, and then work on providing promotional opportunities across many platforms.

Intelligent Deals also provides solutions for financial & legal management under our many opened accounts across multiple channels.

Order Fulfillment

We have a distribution center located in Las Vegas, New Jersey & Tampa that facilitates both dropship & bulk ship fulfillment options.

In the event you’re a brand or company that doesn’t have the capability to ship a certain way, we’re prepared to help you find solutions to meet any needs you may have.

As brands scale into the eCommerce, TV and retail space, having optimum fulfillment capabilities is a key asset when undergoing successful campaigns.

When shipping with us, we make sure all is taken care of A to Z!

Private Label

Manufacturing products according to our client needs is an important part of our business.

We can help with everything from branding, concept design, factory production, and much more.

We have successfully made custom private label products for both stores & brands alike!

We work with only the best talent to deliver quality products according to the creator’s desired vision.

We recommend a full consultation to discuss our private label & product development process, and how it can meet your specific needs.

Media & PR

In such a competitive landscape, we have a higher understanding in the many ways that a brand can obtain exposure & awareness through media placement.

Our PR agents are fluidly versed in pitching to the most important editors & publishers in the advertising world.

We’ll work with your personal budget to determine a custom plan for you.

Whether you’re looking to get featured in a globally recognized magazine, or putting your products in the hands of pivotal influencers – we’re here to help your brand get in front of as many eyes as possible!

Work with experts to position your brand to a global audience!

Tell us more about your brand & goals.

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