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Why Choose Us?

No Fees / 100% Free

When you work with us, we charge no upfront fees of any kind. We work off a commission structure so that when we’re tackling new sales goals or projects, you can feel confident that we’re as motivated as you are to see success.

When you succeed, we succeed!

One of our key philosophies is mutual growth, and that means NO MONTHLY / ADDED FEES to hold you down!


Since we work off a commission structure that’s based off sold goods, we are highly motivated to help your brand receive results in any project.

Our focus is making sure our brands have as many opportunities possible within as many channels as possible.

The goals we typically establish with brands include both sales & overall brand awareness that are reached through Intelligent Deals extended promotions.

One-Stop-Shop Convenience

Many brands feel overwhelmed with the countless ways that you need to maintain, develop and nourish the different platforms where your products are sold.

Our team comes from years of experience seamlessly managing multiple accounts for brands to focus on the things that THEY care about the most.

Custom Brand Experience

We understand that every brand is at a different stage and positioning of where they need to establish growth.

Our experts come from experience in multiple categories, industries and backgrounds that are prepared to accelerate your brand, no matter the size.

Whether your brand is newly established or already has a strong presence in the market, we’re here to take your company to the next level – no matter what!

Work with experts to position your brand to a global audience!

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