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Featured Services

Digital Strategy

We formulate eCommerce strategies that take advantage of this 3.5 trillion dollar space that are uniquely specialized to your brand’s unique roadmap.

Sales Expansion

Tailored to your brand’s ideal positioning, our experts work with you to establish expansion for key sales channels in TV, eCommerce and retail.

Order Fulfillment

Our warehouse has the capability of dropshipping & bulk shipping your products. We work closely with our brand partners to provide all shipping options for any prospective retailers.

Private Label

Want to create a product from scratch with us? We have manufacturers & designers readily available to create your new idea

Media & PR

We work closely with an award -winning PR firm that can bring your brand to new heights with magazine features, digital publications, blogs, influencers, celebrities, and much more…

SEO Optimization

The best way to get found is by first covering the basics, SEO & discovery – we evaluate and determine the optimal way your website or campaigns can be reached online.

Our History

When we started our agency, we sought out to grow brands & products in the most important way we thought possible

With our combined expertise and backgrounds in eCommerce, TV and retail– we knew that we had the recipe of success to make big impact.

By forging key partnerships and working fastidiously to develop strong relationships in the industry, Intelligent Deals was able to progress as one of the lead agencies in supplying brands.

  • Relationships & our brand partnerships are #1
  • Strategy and Planning over fast profits
  • Sales-Driven mindset with prioritized mutual growth

Work with experts to position your brand to a global audience!

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